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Protected Classes Tool

The Fair Housing Act, which applies across the United States, includes seven protected classes:

RaceColorReligionNational OriginSexDisabilityFamilial Status

In addition,    protects the following classes: 
  Note: Your city, county or town may also protect additional classes.

Fair Housing Definitions
• Accessible apartment
• Administrative law judge       
• Blockbusting
• Fair Housing Act
• Guide dog
• Linguistic profiling
• Name profiling
• Protected class
• Reasonable accommodation
• Reasonable modification
• Service animal
• Steering
• Voice profiling

Fair Housing Tips
In Less Than a Minute

Video Series Offers Quick Guidance
On How to Comply With Fair Housing Law

From understanding protected classes to banning pets at an apartment building and more, get some quick compliance tips thanks to Fair Housing Helper's Fair Housing Tips in Less Than a Minute video series:

Operating in the Dark
When It Comes to
Fair Housing?

Six Common Myths May Be to Blame

Even housing providers with the best intentions unwittingly subject themselves to a high risk of fair housing liability at their properties when they don't get fair housing training.

If you've been putting off fair housing training, you may find one or more of these six common myths familiar:

Debunking the Myths Surrounding the Importance of Fair Housing Training

Think you’ve got better things to do than worry about fair housing compliance? You’re right. That’s why Fair Housing Helper was created—to help professionals like you.

Learn more about what Kirkus Reviews calls a “useful, easy-to-read guide for those who want to learn more about complying with U.S. fair housing law.” Plus, earn your badge and personalized fair housing training certificate (pictured at right) at no additional charge.

Learn more at FairHousingHelper.com.
Fair housing... or unfair housing?
Learn the difference...      

The following articles were written by Fair Housing Helper President
Ron Leshnower, as the About.com Expert on Apartment Living / Rental:



Familial Status


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